Sunday, January 22, 2017

Turn Your Fat Cat Into A Fit Cat

Is your cat getting rounder? If yes, you should know that the obesity can lead to a multitude of health problems such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart, lungs and urinary tract problems. Have a comprised immune function and may even predispose them to certain types of cancer. It has been researched that cats with proper well balanced weight live longer with less diseases than the overweight cats.

Is Your Cat Obese? Find Out By these Signs:

There are many pet parents, who are not able to find out whether their feline is overweight, obese, or simply fat. Here are some of the signs, which can help you to determine, whether your cat is obese or not:

  • The cat, who carry's excess body fat that will compromise her health and well-being is known as obese.
  • When you touch your cat, you cannot feel the individual ribs
  • Most obese cats appear to have excessive appetite
  • Your cat is noticeably inactive and always siting in one place
  • Your cat finds difficulty in walking, running, climbing, jumping and grooming herself

Obesity is a major problem associated with abnormal feeding behaviors. It is really important to stimulate the eating behaviors of your furry pal. This feeding method will help your cat get exercise and make her to do some activities, which are needed to prevent obesity.

Stimulate Your Cat's Eating Behavior By Following The Above Methods:

  • Provide cats with puzzle feeders, interactive toys that dispense food as the cat rolls it around.
  • Make homemade puzzle feeders by cutting holes into a cardboard box or 2-liter plastic jug so that the cat paws the food out.
  • Hide food around the house, in different places, and in or around objects for cats to “hunt.”
  • Toss kibbles and let cats chase after the food, as they would chase prey.
  • If unable to do multiple feedings each day, feed a minimum of twice daily, and try to hide the food in creative hiding places.

You can keep your furry pal's obesity under control, so that she/he lives a happier, healthier life. Make sure, that you take your pet to the vet for annual or semi-annual test to monitor overall health of your kitty.